Magic Conversation For Gravity Forms Pro v2.0.31

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Create DateJanuary 26, 2017
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Version v2.0.31

  • Fixed issue on handle conditional logic on global conversation mode.

Version v2.0.30

  • Fixed issue on showing custom question for Name field.

Version v2.0.29

  • Fixed issue on display conversation on iPhone. (Fix 2)

Version v2.0.28

  • Fixed issue on display conversation on iPhone.

Version v2.0.27

  • Fixed issue on auto focus conversation that will cause page get scrolled automatically when loaded.

Version v2.0.26

  • Fixed issue on email input validation if Output HTML5 settings of Gravity Forms is turned on.

Version v2.0.25

  • Fixed issue on email input validation.

Version v2.0.24

  • Fixed issue on submission if rewind conversation enabled after confirmation.
  • Added support for auto focus user input for Global Conversation.

Version v2.0.23

  •  Added support for Multi-Page forms.
  • Added support for bypass the Page and Section field.

Version v2.0.22

  • Added support for bypass the field configured as Hidden in Visibility.

Version v2.0.21

  • Fixed issue on displaying Merge Tags.

Version v2.0.20

  • Fixed compatible issue on PHP 4.4.

Version v2.0.19

  • Fixed display issue on Chrome browser.

Version v2.0.18

  • Fixed paragraph display issue.

Version v2.0.17

  • Added support of Survey Add-On.

Version v2.0.16

  • Added support of User Registration Add-On.

Version v2.0.15

  • Added support of enable automatic fullscreen mode in mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue on saving custom questions in form field settings.

Version v2.0.14

  • Fixed issue on submit conversation form in WP website subfolder installation.

Version v2.0.13

  • Fixed issue that rewind feature stops working on global conversation button.

Version v2.0.12

  • Mobile UI supported.

Version v2.0.11

  • Fixed issue on showing questions in lower case.
  • Fixed issue on submit form when rewind feature is not enabled.

Version v2.0.10

  • Fixed issue on rewind feature.

Version v2.0.9

  • Added support for rewind to be beginning of conversation with Conditional Logic settings.

Version v2.0.8

  • Added support of using WordPress Visual Editor in HTML field.

Version v2.0.7

  • Fixed issue on Select field support in Conditional Logic.

Version v2.0.6

  • Added support of Short Code and embed video in WordPress Visual Editor.

Version v2.0.5

  • Added support to show questions in HTML format.
  • Added support to edit questions with WordPress Visual Editor.

Version v2.0.4

  • Added support to Gravity Forms Feature: Enable enhanced user interface.

Version v2.0.3

  • Fixed Multi Select field support of Conditional Logic support.

Version v2.0.2

  • Added support of Pricing fields.

Version v2.0.1

  • Stable Release of Conditional Logic support. (Premium version only)

Version v1.0.46

  • Added support of Conditional Confirmation Message.

Version v1.0.45

  • Added support of Merge Tags for checkbox group and radio group.

Version v1.0.44

  • Added support of Merge Tags that makes it possible to use client's previous inputs in next questions. (Premium version only)

Version v1.0.43

  • Fixed issue on Conditional Logic support. (Premium version only)

Version v1.0.42

  • Fixed issue that checkbox group will loose checked status on first option.

Version v1.0.41

  • Added Conditional Logic support.

Version v1.0.40

  • Fixed some issue.

Version v1.0.39

  • Remove hint of WeDevs_Settings_API class.

Version v1.0.38

  • Added support for customize continue button text and width for checkbox options.

Version v1.0.37

  • Added support for showing a Done button for checkbox group.
  • Fixed issue on submission when there is a hidden field in the end of form.

Version v1.0.36

  • Added support of change conversation container height in form settings page.
  • Fixed issue on displaying form when conversation is not finished loading.
  • Fixed issue that when not all fields are set required, forms get submitted multiple times when user finished conversation.

Version v1.0.35

  • Fixed display issue on help tooltip.

Version v1.0.34

  • Fixed issue on checkbox support.

Version v1.0.33

  • Fixed conversation preview display issue on Conversation Style Generator page.

Version v1.0.32

  • Fixed text display issue after change from input to textarea.

Version v1.0.31

  • Fixed chat input placeholder revert back to default settings from the second question.

Version v1.0.30

  • Fixed conflict of plugin update checker with other magic plugins (v4).

Version v1.0.29

  • Now supports PHP 5.3.

Version v1.0.28

  • Fixed conflict of plugin update checker with other magic plugins.

Version v1.0.27

  • Added custom questions support in Gravity Forms field settings.

Version v1.0.26

  • Added Upgrade to Premumium Link. (Free Version)

Version v1.0.25

  • Fixed syntax error issue on activation (PHP 5.3 or lower only).

Version v1.0.24

  • Fixed issue on First Name and Last Name validation.