* Magic Conversation For Gravity Forms is a conversational form WordPress plugin that let’s you convert a Gravity Form into a conversational web form.

Our plugin provides a chat style conversational interface that provides a more user-friendly alternative to the standard form.

Our plugin is very easy to set up and use. No programming or coding is required to use it. Please visit our instructional Getting Started guide to get your conversational form up and running quickly.

View the demo of Magic Conversation For Gravity Forms in the lower right hand corner on each page of this website.

You can create a conversational quiz using our plugin together with the the Gravity Forms quiz add-on.

NEW! – Add a conversation to a specific blog category. See the entry “I’d like to add a conversation to a specific blog category – can I do that?” in the FAQ.

NEW! – Use conditional logic in your conversational forms.

We offer 3 license types:

  • Free version (has “powered by” link – use on 1 domain only)
  • Pro version (use on 1 domain only – no “powered by” link))
  • Developer version (use on multiple domains)

Visit our Pricing Page for further details, including a plan comparison.

View some screencaps of Magic Conversation For Gravity Forms, the only conversational form WordPress plugin.

Magic Conversation For Gravity Forms plugin features:

  • Global conversation button – your conversation form button is displayed on all pages of your site.
  • Customizable Conversation Toolbar – set default text that users will see in the chat input field. Customize the button color.
  • Set to display the conversation button only on the home page.
  • Display a customizable welcome message on the conversation button.
  • Modify the background color of the conversation button.
  • Conversation style generator – choose from a selection of chat avatars for both the form robot and the user.

Visit our Documentation Page for more features and details.